Belly Bandit

As the old adage goes: necessity is the mother of invention.  In this case, that mother was Lori Caden. In 2005, Lori was buying cat food when a store employee offered to carry her load, a nice gesture to assist a pregnant woman. The only problem was she had given birth weeks before! Horrified she went home; first she cried and then she called her two best friends – her sisters, Jodi and Kari.  These 3 entrepreneurs were determined to find a solution to post-pregnancy body blues.

In 2008, their research, perseverance and sisterly support resulted in the creation of Belly Bandit®, postpartum compression bands that would revolutionize the body after baby marketplace. Doctor recommended and mom-endorsed, the band modernized the ancient practice of belly binding and quickly turned Belly Bandit® into a new mom must-have.

Since its launch, the company has seen tremendous growth. It has evolved from its signature product, the Belly Bandit® Belly Wraps, and expanded to include maternity wear, nursing bras, and a complete line of compression shapewear, the Mother Tucker® Collection.

Lori’s tears spurred the creation of the Belly Bandit® but is was the combined passion and dedication to innovation that has led the “sister-preneurs of shapewear” on a mission to empower all women to look and feel their absolute best…before, during and after pregnancy.

Now a recognized leader in the maternity industry, Belly Bandit® is available in 1000 retailers and 90 countries, and has a long list of die-hard fans and celebrity customers.

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