ln 201O, founders Sawako Yamauchi and Sarah Carter met and became good friends. A dream to develop their own brand came into fruition out of a desire for comfortable, yet stylish loungewear that can transition easily to daywear.

As working moms, they craved a collection that was designed for how they actually live – going from school drop off to business meetings to dinner parties to movie time on the sofa.

Sawako and Sarah have over 20+ years in the fashion industry. Sawako has been a lead designer for top women’s and men’s apparel brands and in 2012 launched her children’s brand Miki Miette while 􏰉start-ups to managing major retail stores and created her own independent brand showroom, where 􏰌􏰊􏰂 􏰌􏰂􏰂􏰌 􏰋􏰁􏰌􏰆􏰍􏰊􏰅􏰄􏰓 􏰈􏰊􏰅􏰆 􏰏􏰆􏰊􏰂􏰁 􏰎􏰁􏰅􏰄􏰓􏰌 􏰅􏰁􏰂 􏰀􏰁􏰏􏰚􏰉􏰓􏰉􏰄􏰃􏰛 􏰈􏰊􏰅􏰆 the industry. Together, their experiences give them an all-encompassing knowledge of the industry􏰙􏰖􏰅􏰔􏰉􏰆􏰗􏰛 sophisticated styles that are also machine washable, easy to travel with and will exponentially out- last any fast fashion pieces out there.

With contemporary, sophisticated prints and solids, lnej pieces can be mixed and matched to create 􏰂􏰄􏰓􏰔􏰂􏰌􏰌from bedroom to business meeting and beyond.

With an eye toward not only our future, but our children’s future, lnej incorporates sustainable, 􏰕􏰅􏰎􏰁􏰉long lives with timeless style that transcend next season’s new looks.  In that􏰆􏰊􏰅􏰆 spirit, lnej dedicates 1 % of net sales to organizations which support mental health.


• Make life easier with versatile, stylish, and comfortable clothing
• Eco-conscious and sustainable
• Social action through charitable contributions
• Responsible and fair wage manufacturing

What’s in a Name?

Inej is synonymous with quality, versatility, 􏰄􏰂􏰣comfort, contemporary.

lnej means “one who has faith”. One who is happy to put their life on the line for those they love and who does not back down when faced with adversity. One who is determined to overcome hardships. One who loves adventure, travel, meeting new people and having new experiences. One who will provide comfort and good advice to those in need. One who is optimistic, compassionate and caring, providing inspiration to others to lead 􏰅“Home” is not a place, but anywhere where family and friends can be found.