About Company

     NESSA® is a family company, founded in 2008 in Danków. We are one of the most competitive and dynamically developing producers of women’s underwear on the Polish market.
With our example, we prove that Polish underwear can be not only of good quality, but also beautiful and functional.
Our greatest asset is high-class raw materials: excellent knitwear, delightful lace and alluring embroidery. For production, we use only exclusive materials of the highest quality including from producers from Italy, Germany, Spain and Poland. This allows our designers and master tailors to meet the high demands of the market, follow global trends and constantly raise standards. Thanks to this, our products meet the wishes of our customers and satisfy their taste.
We dress real women, because femininity is not only attributed to idealized, slim and young models.
We know that in most cases the well-being, self-confidence and sense of attractiveness of each of us depends on the choice of properly fitted underwear. We want every woman to feel great in her own, often not quite perfect figure.
Our underwear is elegant and well-fitting, with a fashionable but also comfortable cut. Among our products there are proposals for women of different ages, with different body types and bust sizes. In the collections you will find mainly soft bras in a very wide range.
We are also open to your interesting comments and opinions as well as inspiring suggestions. We bring out feminine beauty for you…
Ewa Kotynia
Katarzyna Stróżna